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Here’s what Members are saying about the Winks Program:

Dear Winks Folks,
Thank You for the continuing support you have provided me throughout the past year. Your support has not only come in the form of rebate dollars but it has also helped me to improve my business with exclusive offers, special manufacturer launches and important information through the monthly news letter.
The offer that I have benefited most from is the Tassimo Coffee program. Winks had chosen my store to act as a test location last year for the coffee program. Although my business is attached to a Coffee Time location, the Tassimo has enabled me to draw and cater to more discerning consumers who are now in my store regularly not only purchasing their morning coffee but also other profitable items as well.
I look forward to the Winks Links news letter each month as it’s filled with promotional material directly from the manufacturers which I would not be receiving if not through the Winks program. I also enjoy the industry information it provides.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the television that I’ve recently won. It came as a surprise and was hand delivered to me by the Winks and Core-Mark team.
If I can offer any advice to Retailers who have just signed on to the program, I would say “be patient and let the program work for you like it’s working for me”.

Vasant, (Winks # 5070)
quotequote “(My store) never could have made it through the recession without the support and the extra rebate money I received from Winks.”
Winks 7017 ~ Mountainview Grocery
quotequote “I can clearly see by comparing the entire program overall to what we paid for products before and what we received for ‘bonuses” before that we are in a better position today.”
Winks 7028 ~ Delburne Tempo
quotequote “Since we joined Winks, we have more cash in our pockets at the end of the day.”
Winks 6020 ~ Pandosy Foodbasket
quotequote “By being a Winks I am definitely ahead of my competition.”
Winks 7069 ~ Kimmer’s
When we were first approached about the Winks program we were skeptical. It looked like another of those programs that sounded great and offered wonderful rebates but then you had to take up a lot of additional shelf space with product that didn't move. Not so with Winks. We can carry the products (and only the products) we choose.
At first the prices did not seem to be that much better, if at all, than other suppliers we used; but once we were on the program for a while we could see that it really was an advantage.
If you added in the costs of time and fuel being out of the store it really started to add up.
One of the biggest, happiest surprises was how much we saved on our Global Payments bill. That alone was worth the switch!
Jeff, our Winks rep, was a great 'mover and shaker' when we were having some issues with our suppliers, saving us time and stress.
Going forward, we expect more great prices and associations with suppliers that will result in lowering our costs to operate. We're also looking forward to attending seminars or networking with like minded stores on how to grow our business, market product, train employees, etc.
The Winks program is giving us a true competitive advantage in our local marketplace - we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this program.
Winks 5073 ~ Ayr Gas Bar