Winks Convenience Store: How convenience stores help the economy

Here at Winks Convenience Store, we pride ourselves in partnering with other small businesses since we understand their important contributions to the economy and society as a whole. 

Big businesses may dominate the market, but small businesses like convenience stores are the ones that keep our economy moving. They are also responsible for new employment opportunities that serve as the building blocks of Canada’s largest corporations. 

Read further to learn more about how small businesses contribute to the economy. 


Small businesses like convenience stores are an integral part of the local economy as they bring growth and innovation to bigger establishments. They are also responsible for stimulating economic growth by providing opportunities for people who may not be employable by larger corporations. While small businesses may have smaller income, they tend to improvise and provide solutions for existing ideas. 

Economic growth

Since smaller businesses are in direct contact with the consumers and the general population, they bring a great deal of innovation to the field. With this, they are more familiar with the trends, products and services that would satisfy their consumers. Compared to large businesses, they are generally more open to trying out new ideas regularly.


Similar to what was stated above, due to small businesses’ direct connection with the community, they tend to be more adaptable to the rapidly changing economic climates. When consumer demands shift, small businesses are at the front line to make adjustments in the economy. 


Small businesses can be started by almost anyone since it requires a smaller revenue. Moreover, they also have more potential of growing and adapting to the ongoing consumer demands in the economy.

Local goods

Since small businesses target local consumers, they use as many local goods as possible. As a result, it helps stimulate local economies and benefits the community as a whole. Local businesses’ success means more local tax money, which helps improve schools and other local services in the country

Future developments

All small establishments don’t always stay at the bottom. Household names like McDonald’s, Microsoft and Nike all started small but became popular through time. What’s good about it is as soon as they start to become bigger, new job openings and opportunities will be offered for the people.

If there are no small businesses, local economies would not be able to function. So make sure to hit up your favourite local diner or go to a nearby convenience store this weekend to show how much you value your small business pioneers.

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