Member Benefits

Maximize your business potential with the following Winks advantages…

Preferred Pricing

Winks is able to bring better everyday pricing to all Winks members through Core-Mark, Winks’ exclusive wholesale Partner.

Food Service Programs

Winks members benefit from Mac’s extensive food service experience with comprehensive programs including a coffee program second to none and equipment for all your foodservice needs.


In conjunction with Winks promotional programs you will receive professional in-store POS advertising materials…no more hand-written signs!

Monthly Newsletters

Winks provides all of its members with monthly informative newsletters including market information, new industry trends, promotional activity, and new products in the C-Store channel.

Equipment and Service

Winks members have access to new and used equipment at a reduced cost. Winks also has maintenance and service contract members which can be utilized at reasonable rates.

Optional Signage

Winks is able to provide professional exterior signage at little or no additional cost.

Training Programs

Winks members have access to Mac’s training programs on Federal and Provincial Regulations, food service preparation, and security and safety.


The Ontario Convenience Store Association (OCSA) is a not-for-profit provincial association that is entirely funded by its members. Since our inception, we have grown steadily and today our membership includes the majority of major chainstore operators, oil companies and other key suppliers in the industry.

The mission of the Ontario Convenience Stores Association is to represent the economic interests of convenience store retailers in Ontario. The association works to promote and foster the establishment and maintenance of professional business standards and ethics throughout the convenience store industry.


Winks members receive support, expert advice, and assistance from an experienced Winks representative.