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Thinking of Joining?

Winks is a new affiliate banner program developed by Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc. for independent convenience stores in Canada.

Developed to assist independent operators that are motivated to grow their business, Winks is a comprehensive program that balances the needs of the independent operator, the suppliers and the distributors – a program where all partners win. The program touches on every aspect of the convenience store industry.

Members are able to take advantage of preferred pricing and extensive rebate programs that Winks has negotiated with Core Mark Distributors and other key supply partners.  Members also enjoy a rewards program sponsored by Winks and Core-Mark.

The program mandate is to assist convenience store operators without taking away their ability to remain independent; to offer them value without sacrificing their control. In fact, the program allows the independent entrepreneur to capitalize on Winks network of offerings – including training programs, store designs, food service programs, promotions, equipment, and volume rebate incentives.

It is important to note that the Winks program is a program that suppliers also support and benefit from. Winks has partnered with many major suppliers who find this opportunity to be an exciting avenue to promote their products with consistency in the independent market.

Since recruiting began in July 2003, there are now over 600 Winks members in Western Canada and 150 Winks members in Ontario.  The Winks team is fielding requests for new memberships daily.

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