Winks Convenience Store: Basic necessities in convenience stores

Whether you need cough medicine, a carton of milk or even a ballpoint pen, you can simply go to the nearest convenience store and grab whatever you need. These stores truly are a lifesaver on different occasions. 

Here are some items that people often buy in convenience stores.


If you run out of shampoo at the last minute or forgot to include toothpaste on your last trip to the grocery, convenience stores will save your day. 

Over-the-counter medication

Convenience stores stay open 24/7, so if you’ve suddenly come down with a cold in the middle of the night, you can always go to one.

Hot food

Perfect for those who are pressed for time or just want to have some midnight snack, convenience stores offer hot food like hot dogs, sandwiches and bread.

Dry and canned goods

Most convenience stores have packs of different bread products on their shelves such as buns, flavoured bread or even loaves. They also have canned goods like meatloaf, corned beef and sardines. If you want to have some noodles for snacks, they also offer them in various brands.

School supplies

Forgot a pen during an exam? Just walk-in at the nearest convenience store because they have numerous school supplies to provide for your needs. Most stores have bond papers, folders, pens, tapes, rulers and other basic stationery items.

Nuts and chips

These are popular among children and adults alike. If you’re planning to pull an all-nighter and want to stack up, or if you’re going on a spontaneous trip with your friends, these convenience store snacks are your go-to.

Ice cream and other dairy products

Having a bad day? Make a quick run to the nearest store and treat yourself to ice cream. You will easily feel better without having to worry about the long cashier queue.

Alcoholic beverages

Most convenience stores have alcohol on their shelves, except in some areas near schools or in cities that have stricter regulations. Those that sell some, however, provide numerous options from local beers and wine to imported bottles of vodka and whiskey.

Non-alcoholic beverages

If you’re suddenly thirsty and just want to grab a quick drink without having to order from a restaurant, you can simply drop by a convenience store. 

Whether it be water, soda, canned juices or milk, you can choose from the many different brands they sell and quickly quench your thirst.

One of the top-selling items in convenience stores is brewed coffee. People often opt for the cheaper coffee that these stores offer instead of the pricey ones in coffee shops. Plus, you won’t have to wait in a long line to order your caffeine fix. You can get them even past the usual store hours.

Tobacco products

It is a hassle to go to the grocery store just to buy a pack of cigarettes, so most smokers get their fix at a convenience store. These are usually displayed just behind the counter along with rows of lighters and often come in different brands. 

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