Winks Convenience Store: About us

Welcome to Winks Convenience Store! We are a well-known market chain that was developed by Mac’s Convenience Stores help independent store owners grow their business in Western Canada.

Winks is committed to providing a pleasant and convenient shopping experience that will keep customers coming back. Whether for in-store seating to enjoy a beverage or a meal, or a quick service when you’re on the go, we’re here whenever our customers need us.

Who we are

We are an active and service-oriented group of people who strive to serve our customers with fresh and high-quality merchandise for their everyday needs. We are also known for providing quick and efficient service to address the fast-paced lifestyle of our customers. As a growing company, we aim to build relationships with our market so that we can become an important part of the communities that we cater to. Be part of our family now.

Our mission

  • To provide consistently fresh and high-quality products for our customers.
  • To provide a proactive workplace to promote growth and fulfilment for our workers.
  • To build a shareholder value through fair and reasonable business practices.
  • To act with integrity, wisdom and genuine concern for the communities we serve.
  • To provide customers with excellent service in a clean, safe and friendly environment.

Our vision

We want to become the go-to convenience store in the country where everyone is treated as part of our family.

Corporate values

  • Fast and friendly service

Every customer is treated as part of the family and is given the utmost attention, courtesy, and care that they deserve.

  • Low cost and quality 

We supply quality products from our store and ensure they are within the budget

and expectations of our customers.

  • Market-driven assortment

We strive to be the best at providing a wide variety of products that fit the lifestyle and needs of our customers.

  • Localized 

We engage with our customers at the local store level to ensure the loyalty and patronage of our stores.

Overall experience

Winks Convenience Store has set high standards in terms of products, customer service, and overall experience, and is known for its wide variety, carefully selected food items and ready-to-eat meals.

Its trademark design and service standards have made Winks well-loved among those looking for a quick bite within a safe, clean, and attractive environment.

Continuous growth

Winks have partnered with many suppliers to promote their products with consistency in the independent market. Since recruiting began in July 2003, there are now over 600 Winks members in Western Canada, 150 Winks members in Ontario while Program Manager Dene Hargreaves and his team are fielding requests for new memberships daily.

Browse our website at to know more about the products and services that we offer.

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